March 4, 2012:  WATERFOWL AND WINE

For a full report go to John’s Adventure Blog (click here)

Northern Pintail

What a great day we had birding on the Island’s South Fork looking for winter waterfowl at Montauk Point, Peconic Bay, and several ponds and lakes. We expect to see as many as 18-20 species of ducks, swans, and geese and our final count was indeed 20 species. After a bracing morning and early afternoon in the cold air we finished the day by waddling to Duck Walk Vinyards in Southampton where we tasted a number of their finest red, white, and rose’ wines. For a full report go to John’s Adventure Blog (click here)

Our list of waterfowl for the day was:

1. Mute Swan
2. Snow Goose
3. Greater White Fronted Goose
4. Canada Goose
5. American Black Duck
6. Gadwall
7. Mallard
8. Northern Shoveler
9. White-winged Scoter
10. Surf Scoter
11. Black Scoter
12. Common Eider
13. Canvasback
14. Greater Scaup
15. Common Goldeneye
16. Bufflehead
17. Ruddy Duck
18. Common Merganser
19. Red-breasted Merganser
20. Hooded Merganser


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